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Multi Lane FFS Machines


High Speed Multi Lane sachet packaging machine with option of 4 to 10 sachet lanes for packing powders, liquids and pastes in 4 side sealed sachets. Thepackaging machineis aHigh speed Multi lane vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machinedesigned to package free flowing powders / granules, liquids, creams or pastes products. It is used widely for variety of applications ranging from packing liquid, semi liquid (shampoo, oil cream, ketchup) & powder products (Detergent powder, Tea, sugar, salt etc.)Adding to its versatility, the packaging machine Speed Multi-Lane sachet packaging machine seriescan be integrated with most fillers such as slider filler, piston filler and viscous paste filler. The machine produces 4 side sealed sachets and the number of lanes depends on the width of the sachet as the maximum roll width (web width) is 1000mm. The length of the sachet can be varied up to maximum 180mm using the PLC.

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