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Tablet Counter PM 406

Tablet Counter

Automatic / Capsule Counting Machine PM 406

The PM 406 Auto pill counter machine is an automatic version of the counting machine for tablets, capsules etc. with a maximum output of 2000 tablets per minute, it is supplied to companies with medium scale production runs. The product to be counted is placed in the hopper were it is vibrated onto a disc before being separated and dropping individually through an infra-red beam which accurately counts them into a containers on a conveyor. You can set the amount to be counted and the number of batches to be run on a touch screen display.

Pill Counter machine for all types of counting applications

Pill Counter machine for counting Pills
Pill Counter machine for counting capsules
Pill Counter machine for counting caplets
Counting machine for counting sweets
Counting machine for counting buttons
Counting machine for counting beads

Automatic Multi-Channels Tablets/Capsule Counting Machine PM-406 is designed to feed and count any size,shape or quantity of tablet and capsule (hard shell capsules, and soft gelatin capsules are compatible) with 99.9% counting accuracy without change parts . The counting of these products and the indexing of the bottle to be filled is controlled by PLC and Human Machine Interface. It's simple to operate and easy to clean.


  • Variable speed control for 6 tracks.
  • Speed 1800~2000 pcs/min.
  • Touch screen control panel with 50 memory slots.
  • Advances in vibratory linear feeding suits for any kind of products.
  • Emergency stop and Three -color indicate light.
  • Clean up by vacuuming dust accumulation system.
  • Pre-Counting increases machine outputs
  • Tool-free release for counting different products.
  • Japan made "Keyence" high accuracy fiber sensor.
  • Air-cylinder index to direct the next batch of containers into filling position.
  • Frame and component made of SUS#304 and ion anodized aluminum, all meet cGMP requirement.


  • In-Feed and Out-Feed Conveyor
  • Rejection System (Remove Miscounting Bottles)
  • Lid Open and Lid Close system
  • Turnkey linkage with filler, labeler and other in-line systems
  • Product Quantity Level control


  • Counting Speed: 1800~2000 pcs/min
  • Power Supply: 110 or 220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Machine Dimensions: (L)1633mm (W)1478mm (H)1713mm
  • (For reference only, the real drawing should be considered as final.)


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