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The shrinkwrappers designed and developed by packaging are robust and flexible machines, suitable to run a wide range of different product sizes through simple and quick change-over. The shrinkwrappers are the perfect balance between the reliability of the mechanical and flexibility of the electronica solutions that fully reflect the brand's excellence. Choose a shrinkwrapper means relying on best packaging machines on the market in terms of proven professionalism and efficiency.
he case pa
ckers developed and manufactured by packaging are reliable and robust machines featuring a quick and easy format change-over. Zambelli case packers are able to run any type of cardboard, RSC or wrap around with perfect results. case packers have transparent doors on the sides to facilitate any type of activities such as cleaning and maintenance. Choose case packers means rely on the expertise of a brand that has become the reference point in the market of the case packhe cartoners designed and manufactured by packaging are innovative machines for the packaging of various types of products in pre-glued or wraparound style cases. Thecartoners are able to work with products of different sizes thanks to an easy and quick change-over. The cartoners are high tech machines, reliable and efficient to satisfy the needs of each client..The robotic systems designed by packaging are robotic applications for the handling of small containers or for the insertion of gadgets and objects inside the traditional packages. The robotic systems equipped installeon the packaging machines are the highest expression of the technology developed by the Company,

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